4 Misconceptions About Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners sometimes we take our air conditioners for granted.

When it's hot and uncomfortable outside, they provide us with the cool comfort we need.

When it's bitterly cold outside, they keep us toasty and warm.

So many of us just expect our air conditioners to keep on giving after all, it takes is a simple click of a remote and instant comfort.

However, if you stop and think about this wonderful piece of technology, it's an amazing and somewhat complex piece of equipment that sits in your home or workplace.

And as with any intricate and complex piece of equipment, the more you look after it, the better it looks after you.

There are many misconceptions about the humble air conditioner here are just 4 of the more common ones.

Misconception no. 1

Once you install an air conditioner, there's nothing more to do other than flick a switch and let it work its magic.

To some extent this may be true, however, air conditioners rely on air filters to keep dust and debris from entering the inner workings of the unit.

And subsequently, these air filters prevent this same dust, debris and any other contaminants from being circulated through the duct work and into your home or office.

Air conditioner filters should ideally be checked every month and cleaned or if really bad, they may need to be replaced.

Clean and unobstructed air flow also helps the air conditioner run smooth and efficiently.

Misconception no. 2

Air conditioners are meant for cooling only.

Certainly, their prime function is cool the air.

In addition, air conditioner units also help to reduce humidity in the air.

Reducing humidity not only helps to keep everyone comfortable, yet also improves the quality of indoor air.

Misconception no. 3

No additional cooling or air flow is needed with air conditioners.

An air conditioner unit will do it's best to cool indoor air.

However, running a fan in conjunction with the air conditioner can help to further cool the air and circulate the air, increasing the cooling coverage.

Using fans with air conditioners may also reduce the energy usage resulting in the air conditioner not having to run that often which in turn preserves the life of the unit.

Misconception no. 4

Having your air conditioner professionally maintained on a regular basis is a waste of money.

Many people feel they can look after air conditioner units on their own after all, how difficult can it be?

Well, it's not quite that simple.

As mentioned earlier, air conditioners are a somewhat complex piece of equipment consisting of electronic components, moving parts (fans and compressors), air filters and delicate coils and fins.

Someone unfamiliar with these parts and components could either damage the unit and/or cause harm to themselves.

Additionally, a minor problem left unattended could escalate to a major one resulting in a costly repair bill.

A small investment in regular maintenance can help to pick up any developing issues which can be rectified at a fraction of the cost of a major repair.

If you'd like to find out more about a professionally managed maintenance and cleaning program, contact Air Central today on 0417 210 025.

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