About Air Central

Air Central sanitise and clean split system air conditioners and heat pumps in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens and Maitland regions. We are a local business who understand the air conditioning cleaning needs of clients in these areas.

Air Central is a specialty business whose primary concern is to give our customers better air quality by thoroughly cleaning their air conditioning using natural products which are approved and met by strict Australian Standards. Air conditioners are a major part of our lives. We spend significant amounts of time indoors. They are in most businesses, restaurants, doctor/dental surgeries, schools and your home.

Air Central has developed a cleaning sanitising system which is unique to eliminate the harmful bacteria, fungi, pet and human DNA growing in your air conditioner. Our family team will be there to discuss the best solutions for your air conditioner.

To find out more about our professional split system air conditioner cleaning services, please contact us on 0417 210 025.

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