The Difference Between An Air Conditioner Clean & An Electrical / Mechanical Service

Have you ever wondered what the difference between an air conditioner clean and an air conditioner service might be? Here is a quick and easy guide for homeowners and businesses in general to identify their air conditioning needs.

What is an air con cleaning service?

This is a necessary service that should be completed yearly to thoroughly clean each component of your air conditioner. These annual cleans help to improve your air cons efficiency as well as your own health.
By regularly cleaning the air con unit it will:
  • Maintain your air con’s performance of heating and cooling
  • Rid your house / business of harmful bacteria, mould spores and dust
  • Increase the life of the air con unit
  • Save on running costs
This cleaning process involves removing the front cover of the air con unit and apply a catchment bag around the entire unit. Next, we apply a ‘coil cleaner’ onto the internal coils, barrel fan and other components. After waiting several minutes the unit is pressure cleaned, removing all those built up harmful contaminates into the catchment bag.
The air con unit does not need to be removed, and we can guarantee all your floors and walls are protected by the catchment bag and drop sheets we place around the area.
The service can take unto 1.5 hours and you will be surprised by just how much pollutant is in your air con!

What is a mechanical / electrical air con service?

This is a service that helps extend the life of the air conditioner by introducing new parts to replace any that are faulty, and also to improve electrical / mechanical efficiency.
As your air con ages parts can begin to fail. Homeowners and businesses should check to see if there is any value in replacing worn-out parts by seeking a mechanical / electrical air con service, or if a replacement of the air conditioner unit is a better financial decision.
A mechanical / electrical service can also include:
  • Checking voltage at unit underlay
  • Tightening electrical connections
  • Lubricant for components
  • Check safety points
  • Checking the conclensor, the fan, air conditioner pipes and system
If you are still unsure if your air conditioner unit could use a clean or a mechanical / electrical service, give us a call! We offer no-obligation free quotes and can help point you in the right direction.

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