Air Conditioning Clean In Action

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Our Inclusions:

- Check air conditioner before and after the clean & sanitise
- Check temperature before and after the clean & sanitise
- Monitor air flow before and after the clean & sanitise
- Inspect and clean air conditioner filters
- Removal of air conditioner cover and sanitise
- Sanitise/clean scroll wheel and inside casing
- Clean and treat heating coil
- Check pan drain for any debris
- Check and blowdry all electrical components
- Antibacterial treatment on filters (natural product)
- Confirm and check temperature and air flow
- Check remote batteries

Your Air Central technician will clean up any mess after your split system air conditioner clean and sanitise is complete.  We will confirm and apply your next air con clean and sanitise date and time. If there are any problems noticed at the time of the clean we will advise the client. 

Fully Insured and trained technicians

*Note: Our technicians are trained in cleaning and sanitising split system air conditioner units.  We are NOT LICENSED to carry out any electrical repair work or installation work. Please speak to a licensed air conditioning installer if you need installation or repair work carried out.