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So, what is the difference between an Air Conditioner Service and an
Air Conditioner Clean?

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We created these articles to help you understand the importance of cleaning your air conditioning unit and to help explain how the process works.

The Difference Between An Air Conditioner Clean & An Electrical / Mechanical Service

Have you ever wondered what the difference between an air conditioner clean and an air conditioner service might ...

Could my air conditioner be affecting my health?

Learn how your air conditioner could be affecting the health of you and your family. As the worlds ...

4 Misconceptions About Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners sometimes we take our air conditioners for granted. When it's hot and uncomfortable outside, they provide ...

How can I make a split system air conditioner more efficient?

Are you tired of worrying about skyrocketing energy prices every time you turn on your air conditioner? With ...

Can dirty air conditioners make you sick?

Lets face it, most of us can't live without our air conditioners. But could your air conditioner really ...

Is it worth getting your air conditioner cleaned professionally?

We all know when the summer heat strikes, there's nothing better than the cool blast of air conditioning. ...
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