4 Misconceptions About Your Air Conditioner

Posted by Andrew McNulty, Owner, Air Central on 23 March 2018
4 Misconceptions About Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners sometimes we take our air conditioners for granted.

When it's hot and uncomfortable outside, they provide us with the cool comfort we need.

When it's bitterly cold outside, they keep us toasty and warm.

So many of us just expect our air conditioners to keep on giving after all, it takes is a simple click of a remote and instant comfort.

However, if you stop and think about this wonderful piece of technology, it's an amazing and somewhat complex piece of equipment that sits in your home or workplace.

And as with any intricate and complex piece of equipment, the more you look after it, the better it looks after you.

There are many misconceptions about the humble air conditioner here are just 4 of the more common ones.

Misconception no. 1

Once you install an air conditioner, there's nothing more to do other than flick a switch and let it work its magic.

To some extent this may be true, however, air conditioners rely on air filters to keep dust and debris from entering the inner workings of the unit.

And subsequently, these air filters prevent this same dust, debris and any other contaminants from being circulated through the duct work and into your home or office.

Air conditioner filters should ideally be checked every month and cleaned or if really bad, they may need to be replaced.

Clean and unobstructed air flow also helps the air conditioner run smooth and efficiently.

Misconception no. 2

Air conditioners are meant for cooling only.

Certainly, their prime function is cool the air.

In addition, air conditioner units also help to reduce humidity in the air.

Reducing humidity not only helps to keep everyone comfortable, yet also improves the quality of indoor air.

Misconception no. 3

No additional cooling or air flow is needed with air conditioners.

An air conditioner unit will do it's best to cool indoor air.

However, running a fan in conjunction with the air conditioner can help to further cool the air and circulate the air, increasing the cooling coverage.

Using fans with air conditioners may also reduce the energy usage resulting in the air conditioner not having to run that often which in turn preserves the life of the unit.

Misconception no. 4

Having your air conditioner professionally maintained on a regular basis is a waste of money.

Many people feel they can look after air conditioner units on their own after all, how difficult can it be?

Well, it's not quite that simple.

As mentioned earlier, air conditioners are a somewhat complex piece of equipment consisting of electronic components, moving parts (fans and compressors), air filters and delicate coils and fins.

Someone unfamiliar with these parts and components could either damage the unit and/or cause harm to themselves.

Additionally, a minor problem left unattended could escalate to a major one resulting in a costly repair bill.

A small investment in regular maintenance can help to pick up any developing issues which can be rectified at a fraction of the cost of a major repair.

If you'd like to find out more about a professionally managed maintenance and cleaning program, contact Air Central today on 0417 210 025.

Andrew McNulty, Owner/Operator - Air Central Newcastle, Lake Macquarie Port Stephens & Hunter Region

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Could my air conditioner be affecting my health?

Posted on 14 February 2018

Read on to find out how your air conditioner could be affecting the health of you and your family.

As the worlds population grows, and medical science continually progresses, the average person is living longer. And as we age, we are becoming more health focused to ensure a greater quality of life. A major factor in helping to maintain our health is the quality of air we breathe. The World Health Organisation actually recognises it is a right for all to breath healthy air.

Did you know that out of most people's life, 90% is spent indoors. Many homes and units are fortunate enough to have the comfort of an air conditioner for those extreme weather days. Air conditioning can help us feel refreshed and revitalised on a hot day, so it's not something we would normally associate with poor health.

The main issue with air conditioning is recirculation. The same air is circulated around the room repeatedly, potentially spreading dust, germs and allergens continuously. If someone coughs or sneezes, any germs they expel can stay in the air and travel around the home. The smaller the home, the more likely the germs will be transferred.

Dust particles can make breathing difficult, as our lungs have to filter more than just the air we breathe in. Dust particles in the air also absorb tiny droplets of water and moisture, resulting in the air becoming much drier and more difficult to breathe. Dry air can also cause skin and eye problems and irritations.

If you have allergies, an air conditioner may actually be of great benefit. Air conditioners can help filter out some of the pollen, mould and pollution in the air, helping to reduce the triggers of a reaction. Air conditioners can also help decrease the humidity of the air, which can assist people with asthma or mould allergies.

As we all know, prevention is king. The key to protecting yourself and your family from airborne pathogens is to minimise their existence to begin with. You need to keep your home clean and dust free as much as possible so that any recirculation is greatly limited.

What can you do to control the air you breathe through your air conditioner?

Having your air conditioning filters cleaned and maintained regularly is highly recommended. Your air conditioning unit will help filter out the nasties in the air, but if you don't have them cleaned they could breed mould, bacteria and dust mites which are then recirculated through your home.

To maintain optimal air quality in your home, contact us at Air Central on 0417 210 025 to have your air conditioner cleaning questions answered. Get your air conditioner cleaned and ready for the hot summer months ahead.

Andrew McNulty, Owner/Operator - Air Central Newcastle, Lake Macquarie Port Stephens & Hunter Region

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How can I make a split system air conditioner more efficient?

Posted by Andrew McNulty, Owner, Air Central on 14 February 2018

Are you tired of worrying about skyrocketing energy prices every time you turn on your air conditioner? With summer just around the corner, many people will be pondering if they can afford to run their air conditioner this season.  Let's look at some tips on how you can make your air conditioner run more efficiently to save money off your next summer electricity bill.

How to keep your air conditioner unit working at its optimal level

The best way to keep your split system air conditioner running efficiently year round is to ensure that it is regularly cleaned and well maintained.  Built up household grime and dust in your air conditioners filters require the air conditioner unit to work harder, which means the unit needs to use more power to cool your home.

Air Central recommends an annual clean for residential split system air conditioners that are mostly used throughout the warmer months. A more frequent cleaning schedule may be required for commercial units, dusty environments or for home units that are also used during winter.

A company such as Air Central who specialises in cleaning and sanitising split system air conditioners can do this for you. The added bonus of using a professional is that they can also access other difficult areas of the unit and remove any mould and mildew.

Take a look at our website if you are interested in finding out more about the cleaning process at www.airconditioningcleaning.com.au. You will be surprised at what builds up inside the unit over time!

When the temperature outside heats up, the efficiency of your air conditioner can drop dramatically. Did you know that the optimal temperature to set your air conditioner at is 24 - 25 degrees in the summer months. This is the ideal temperature for maximum energy efficiency of your air conditioner, while keeping you cool and comfortable inside. Just by lowering this even one to two degrees you can increase your energy consumption by 10-15 %.

Don't fall into the common trap most of us are probably guilty of - that is lowering the temperature a few extra degrees at a time to attempt to cool the house down quicker.

Keep curtains and blinds closed through the day, especially for east and west facing windows. This will reduce the amount of work your air conditioner has to do by limiting the amount of direct sunlight into your home. Then in the early evening, you can open them to allow heat to escape through the windows. Ceiling fans can help move cool air around the house to ease the work load of your air conditioner. The energy used by fans is much less than air conditioners, possibly allowing you to turn the air conditioner off at night while still enjoying a comfortable breeze.

Keeping your outside air conditioning unit out of the sun will also help it run more efficiently. Ideally having it located on the north side of the house is best, however, planting shrubs or trees close by can provide shade and make your yard look nice too. Just make sure you keep leaves and debris away from the unit at all times.

We hope that you have found the information contained in this article useful.  If you live in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland and Port Stephens we can book in a professional clean of your split system air conditioner for you and answer any questions you may have in relation to the cleaning process.

Andrew McNulty, Owner/Operator - Air Central Newcastle, Lake Macquarie Port Stephens & Hunter Region

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Can dirty air conditioners make you sick?

Posted by Andrew McNulty, Owner, Air Central on 14 February 2018
Lets face it, most of us can't live without our air conditioners. But could your air conditioner really be making you sick? We have put this article together to help people understand the health advantages of having a clean air conditioning unit.

Most home air conditioners lay relatively dormant during the autumn and spring seasons and then get a much bigger workout in summer and winter. But what happens when we switch the air conditioner on to enjoy the cool or warm air - have you ever stopped to think about the quality of the air that your unit is generating? This article will help you understand how a dirty air conditioner unit could make you unwell.

How can an air conditioner carry allergens & bacteria you might ask?

To cool or heat a home your air conditioner needs to blow air over the evaporator coils. As the air blows over these coils, the moisture in the air condenses and collects on the coils. This moisture then becomes a magnet for dirt, dust and bacteria and becomes the perfect environment for mould, mildew and bacteria to grow. Home owners will often tell us that they maintain their air conditioning unit themselves by dusting the outside and cleaning filters regularly which is a great start, but unfortunately, it's inside the unit where you can't see where the problem generally lies.

Another common problem that can occur in air conditioning units, is a blocked drain line. An air conditioner drain is designed to carry excess moisture from the evaporator coils, but the drain often becomes blocked over time causing water backup - another ideal breeding ground for mould and mildew.  A professional air conditioning cleaning company can conduct a complete sanitise and clean of your air conditioning unit both inside and out to help resolve these types of issues.

Can my air conditioner really aggravate my allergies & asthma?

If your air conditioning unit is regularly cleaned and maintained by a trained professional, there should be no problem with the air quality coming from within your air conditioner.

However, if you have recently purchased a home and you have no idea when the air conditioning unit was last serviced, or if the previous occupants were cigarette smokers, it's probably a good idea to book a maintenance clean to be sure that the air recirculating throughout your home is fresh. This can be particularly important if you have an infant, an elderly person, allergy or asthma suffer living in the home.

The cool and warm air that your air conditioning unit generates alone won't make you unwell but any germs, dust and bacteria living within your air conditioner could certainly aggravate allergy or respiratory problems when the unit is running.
At Air Central, we recommend having your air conditioning unit professionally cleaned at least once a year to help maintain good air quality. This maintenance cycle may vary though depending on how often you use your air conditioning system for year round users a 6 monthly clean and sanitise may be required.

To find out how we can help you create a healthy air conditioning environment at your home or workplace, please call us on 0417 210 025.

Don't forget to check out our website for more information or click here to submit your details to arrange a service call.

Our service areas include Newcastle, Maitland & Lake Macquarie and some areas of Port Stephens.

Andrew McNulty, Owner/Operator - Air Central Newcastle & Hunter Region

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Is it worth getting your air conditioner cleaned professionally?

Posted by Andrew McNulty, Owner, Air Central on 14 February 2018
We all know when the summer heat strikes, there's nothing better than the cool blast of air conditioning. But, have you ever stopped to think how long it's been since your air conditioner has been cleaned? Maybe it has never been cleaned!

Did you know your air conditioner filters catch dust and microbes? These filters over time will clog and collect moisture and dust particles, breeding mould, fungi, bacteria and germs. When you switch it on,  these particles will get blown into the air, potentially causing respiratory infections, asthma attacks or hay fever.

Aside from the health benefits of having your air conditioner cleaned, there is also a monetary gain. With the rising prices of electricity, did you know you could save up to 30% on your air conditioners running costs just by having a professional clean from Air Central? When you get dust build up on your systems evaporator coils, your unit has to work much harder to absorb heat, thus using more electricity. Don't try and clean this yourself, as you may expose yourself to safety hazards or void your units warranty.

Having your air conditioner professionally cleaned can also save you money long term in repair costs. Avoid breakdowns and repairs by keeping your unit clean and running more efficiently a neglected air conditioner becomes more difficult to clean over time, and will be prone to overheating and ice build up.

So, is it really worth having your air conditioner cleaned?

Coming from a health industry background myself I certainly understand the health benefits of having your air conditioner professionally cleaned. We started Air Central to ensure that home owners and business owners like you can breathe fresh air whilst maintaining a comfortable cooling and heating environment in your home or workplace.

If you are still unsure if your air conditioner needs cleaning or want to find out more, give us a call at Air Central on 0417 210 025 . We can answer all your questions and take away the hassle and worry of your air conditioning cleaning. To arrange a service click here to complete your details and we will call you back.

Our service areas include Newcastle, Maitland & Lake Macquarie and some areas of Port Stephens & Central Coast.

Andrew McNulty, Owner/Operator - Air Central Newcastle & Hunter Region

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