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Could my air conditioner be affecting my health?

Posted on 14 February 2018

Read on to find out how your air conditioner could be affecting the health of you and your family.

As the worlds population grows, and medical science continually progresses, the average person is living longer. And as we age, we are becoming more health focused to ensure a greater quality of life. A major factor in helping to maintain our health is the quality of air we breathe. The World Health Organisation actually recognises it is a right for all to breath healthy air.

Did you know that out of most people's life, 90% is spent indoors. Many homes and units are fortunate enough to have the comfort of an air conditioner for those extreme weather days. Air conditioning can help us feel refreshed and revitalised on a hot day, so it's not something we would normally associate with poor health.

The main issue with air conditioning is recirculation. The same air is circulated around the room repeatedly, potentially spreading dust, germs and allergens continuously. If someone coughs or sneezes, any germs they expel can stay in the air and travel around the home. The smaller the home, the more likely the germs will be transferred.

Dust particles can make breathing difficult, as our lungs have to filter more than just the air we breathe in. Dust particles in the air also absorb tiny droplets of water and moisture, resulting in the air becoming much drier and more difficult to breathe. Dry air can also cause skin and eye problems and irritations.

If you have allergies, an air conditioner may actually be of great benefit. Air conditioners can help filter out some of the pollen, mould and pollution in the air, helping to reduce the triggers of a reaction. Air conditioners can also help decrease the humidity of the air, which can assist people with asthma or mould allergies.

As we all know, prevention is king. The key to protecting yourself and your family from airborne pathogens is to minimise their existence to begin with. You need to keep your home clean and dust free as much as possible so that any recirculation is greatly limited.

What can you do to control the air you breathe through your air conditioner?

Having your air conditioning filters cleaned and maintained regularly is highly recommended. Your air conditioning unit will help filter out the nasties in the air, but if you don't have them cleaned they could breed mould, bacteria and dust mites which are then recirculated through your home.

To maintain optimal air quality in your home, contact us at Air Central on 0417 210 025 to have your air conditioner cleaning questions answered. Get your air conditioner cleaned and ready for the hot summer months ahead.

Andrew McNulty, Owner/Operator - Air Central Newcastle, Lake Macquarie Port Stephens & Hunter Region

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Is it worth getting your air conditioner cleaned professionally?

Posted by Andrew McNulty, Owner, Air Central on 14 February 2018
We all know when the summer heat strikes, there's nothing better than the cool blast of air conditioning. But, have you ever stopped to think how long it's been since your air conditioner has been cleaned? Maybe it has never been cleaned!

Did you know your air conditioner filters catch dust and microbes? These filters over time will clog and collect moisture and dust particles, breeding mould, fungi, bacteria and germs. When you switch it on,  these particles will get blown into the air, potentially causing respiratory infections, asthma attacks or hay fever.

Aside from the health benefits of having your air conditioner cleaned, there is also a monetary gain. With the rising prices of electricity, did you know you could save up to 30% on your air conditioners running costs just by having a professional clean from Air Central? When you get dust build up on your systems evaporator coils, your unit has to work much harder to absorb heat, thus using more electricity. Don't try and clean this yourself, as you may expose yourself to safety hazards or void your units warranty.

Having your air conditioner professionally cleaned can also save you money long term in repair costs. Avoid breakdowns and repairs by keeping your unit clean and running more efficiently a neglected air conditioner becomes more difficult to clean over time, and will be prone to overheating and ice build up.

So, is it really worth having your air conditioner cleaned?

Coming from a health industry background myself I certainly understand the health benefits of having your air conditioner professionally cleaned. We started Air Central to ensure that home owners and business owners like you can breathe fresh air whilst maintaining a comfortable cooling and heating environment in your home or workplace.

If you are still unsure if your air conditioner needs cleaning or want to find out more, give us a call at Air Central on 0417 210 025 . We can answer all your questions and take away the hassle and worry of your air conditioning cleaning. To arrange a service click here to complete your details and we will call you back.

Our service areas include Newcastle, Maitland & Lake Macquarie and some areas of Port Stephens & Central Coast.

Andrew McNulty, Owner/Operator - Air Central Newcastle & Hunter Region

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Air Central Air Conditioner Service Clean

Posted by Andrew McNulty, Owner, Air Central on 13 February 2018
Air Central Air Conditioner Service Clean

In this short article, I thought we should explain what's included in a professional Air Central air conditioner clean so that home and business owners can understand what we do. An air conditioner maintenance clean is not just about cleaning the air conditioner filters as most people might on to find out more.

When you book an air conditioner clean service with Air Central, our team will make sure that your air conditioner unit is is cleaned thoroughly inside and out. Our qualified technicians will check and clean all the major components inside the unit and we will also check outside your home to make sure no debris or items are blocking the air intake around the unit. 

Is there really any benefit in getting your air conditioner unit professionally cleaned you might ask?

It's worth taking a few minutes to read this article and watch our demonstration video so that you can make your own mind up on whether you should have your air conditioner professionally cleaned.

When we turn our split system air conditioners on at home or in the office, we don't often think about how long it's been since we have cleaned the filters, or how much dust may have accumulated inside the filters and unit itself.  Most of us would never even consider what else might be inside the unit that we can't see from the outside.

Did you know that mould and mildew could be growing and multiplying in your air conditioner unit as you are reading this. Any mould, dust or allergens that may be inside your air conditioner will be distributed through the air when the air conditioner is turned on next. 

To give you an idea of just how dirty air conditioner filters can become, have a look at the difference in these images below.  These filters were taken out of a standard use home split system air conditioner that had not been cleaned in over a year.  When was your air conditioner cleaned and serviced - could this be how your air conditioner filters look?


Watch Our Demonstration Video

Sometimes it's easier to show people what we do when we clean your air conditioner unit. Take a look at our short video of a split system air conditioner being cleaned and you will likely be disgusted by the colour of the water after the flush clean is finished. You can see the dirt, grime and mould literally getting washed out of the unit - how do you feel about that grime and build up being inside your air conditioner unit?  The old saying 'out of sight, out of mind', comes to hand when you think about air conditioner cleaning!  

Click on the link below and spend a couple of minutes watching our short video to see how dirty the water is for yourself at the end of the clean.  We think you will agree that getting your air conditioner professionally cleaned once a year is probably worth the dollars spent.


Note: This video only shows a part of the cleaning process, feel free to call us if you have any questions about the rest of the cleaning process.

To make sure your air conditioner is distributing cool or warm air which is free of allergens and irritants, we recommend an annual clean for most home owners. For business and office air conditioners that are in use more regularly we can tailor a plan to suit. 

Air Central technicians service Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Cessnock and Port Stephens.  If you would like to book in a service on your split system air conditioner service, please contact us on 0417 210 025.  Alternatively you can click here to submit an online enquiry form and we will get back to you.

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