Could my air conditioner be affecting my health?

Learn how your air conditioner could be affecting the health of you and your family.

As the worlds population grows, and medical science continually progresses, the average person is living longer. And as we age, we are becoming more health focused to ensure a greater quality of life. A major factor in helping to maintain our health is the quality of air we breathe. The World Health Organisation actually recognises it is a right for all to breath healthy air.

Did you know that out of most people's life, 90% is spent indoors. Many homes and units are fortunate enough to have the comfort of an air conditioner for those extreme weather days. Air conditioning can help us feel refreshed and revitalised on a hot day, so it's not something we would normally associate with poor health.

The main issue with air conditioning is recirculation. The same air is circulated around the room repeatedly, potentially spreading dust, germs and allergens continuously. If someone coughs or sneezes, any germs they expel can stay in the air and travel around the home. The smaller the home, the more likely the germs will be transferred.

Dust particles can make breathing difficult, as our lungs have to filter more than just the air we breathe in. Dust particles in the air also absorb tiny droplets of water and moisture, resulting in the air becoming much drier and more difficult to breathe. Dry air can also cause skin and eye problems and irritations.

If you have allergies, an air conditioner may actually be of great benefit. Air conditioners can help filter out some of the pollen, mould and pollution in the air, helping to reduce the triggers of a reaction. Air conditioners can also help decrease the humidity of the air, which can assist people with asthma or mould allergies.

As we all know, prevention is king. The key to protecting yourself and your family from airborne pathogens is to minimise their existence to begin with. You need to keep your home clean and dust free as much as possible so that any recirculation is greatly limited.

What can you do to control the air you breathe through your air conditioner?

Having your air conditioning filters cleaned and maintained regularly is highly recommended. Your air conditioning unit will help filter out the nasties in the air, but if you don't have them cleaned they could breed mould, bacteria and dust mites which are then recirculated through your home.

To maintain optimal air quality in your home, contact us at Air Central on 0417 210 025 to have your air conditioner cleaning questions answered. Get your air conditioner cleaned and ready for the hot summer months ahead.

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